Singer/songwriter, photographer, graphic artist, builder and all around creative guy will be performing in his 16th Rogue Festival show in 2019.

"Rogue Festival is a great opportunity to stretch myself. Working with Art or Evidence? has been productive and exciting because it's a very collaborative effort. There's as much reactivity as activity, which is a different approach for someone who generally works alone creatively."

When not performing in Rogue Festival, Victor can be found fronting the Americana band Boxcar Figaro or performing solo regularly in the Central Valley. He has written more than 50 songs and produced two albums of original music and is working on a third, He will be introducing new material at this year's show.

Favorite variety of tea: Earl Grey.


Rachel is an American Sign Language interpreter by profession, but a musician and songwriter every other spare moment of the day. With her Minor in Music from Fresno state, 15 years of piano experience, an expressive ukulele, and a lifetime of singing in choirs and musicals, Rachel is in the process of creating her first album.

Her songwriting attempts to incorporate interesting melodies and chord structures with familiar and comfortable sounds. After her first performance with “Art or Evidence?” in Rogue Festival 2018, she’s excited to create and perform a new show with the band.

You may see Rachel performing around town with Charis Calvert as “Wild Parsnips”, playing originals and covers. You’ll also find her swing dancing, going on runs, making art in her bullet journal, practicing kickboxing (occasionally), and sipping her favorite green tea.




Charis Calvert loves movies, television, books, and video games; start a conversation with her about any of them and expect to be there a while. She regularly goes swing dancing and rock climbing, two hobbies that she considers the coolest on the planet (after music, which she categorizes as a lifestyle, not a hobby). She is deeply inspired by her best friend and cat, Allegra, and by her marimba.

Charis also grew up in Yakima, Washington, and graduated from Fresno State with a degree in Media Production and minors in Music and English. She is the other half of “Wild Parsnips” with her partner-in-crime Rachel Witort, where she percusses regularly, sings occasionally, and always has fun at her own expense. She started playing piano at age 6 and percussion at age 13, and has a background in full orchestral and marching ensembles, where she would miss entrances because she was entranced with the performance of her own group, or was crafting elaborate storylines to go with the music.

She adores Irish cream cherry tea with an almost sickening amount of cream and sugar.





Lots of irons. Lots of fires. All in pursuit of creative expression. Takes charge only when absolutely required.


Work: Publishing. Art: Theater. Hobby: Historical costuming.

“Art or Evidence: Tea Liturgy” in Rogue Festival 2019 (Performing). SEE HERE.

“S’Will: Romeo and Juliet” in Rogue Festival 2019 (Directing). SEE HERE.

“My Cousin Rachel” for Good Company Players (Directing). SEE HERE.

Jane Austen Society of North America (Regional Coordinator) SEE HERE.

Blogger: What’s My Call Time Theater Blog. SEE HERE.

Arts and Events Publicist. SEE HERE

Director/Actor of plays. SEE HERE.



The Past:

Rogue Festival Executive Director

New Ensemble Founder and Producer

Woodward Shakespeare Festival Artistic Director

FCC Renaissance Festival Producer

Often seen in bonnets, corsets and petticoats in parks, ballrooms and tea rooms throughout California.

Reads copious quantities of 19th century literature and trashy romance novels.

Married to a comedian. SEE HERE.

Favorite variety of tea: Darjeeling.